No place for hate

Hate speech is a horrible thing. It has no place in Worcester.

We are people who live in Worcester, MA who are against hate speech. For several years the blog scene has been polluted by the hateful posts of Rosalie Tirella, publisher of InCity Times, a bi-weekly newspaper that appears on the internet and as a newspaper.

The newspaper she uses to present a picture of Worcester that is far different than what she does on the InCity Times blog, a blog used to terrorize, intimidate, and harass people or opinions she doesn't like.

We are here to say her actions by no means reflect the people of Worcester, MA.

This blog is to make public people and businesses who support Rosalie Tirella's hate speech.

You are free to use this public information as you see fit. If you want to boycott InCity's Times advertisers, then it is your right. If you want to contact them directly to let them know you do not support hate speech, you are free to do so.

Hate speech has no place in Worcester, MA.